How to Measure

Please consider the following points before ordering :

a) Do not assume the coat measurement from your old dog coat is the correct size to order.....invariably it is not.

b) All coats you view on the website have been specifically developed for the greyhound breed. Each model of coat has been vigoursly tested on various sized greyhounds before going into production, to ensure a 'true fit'   size, therefore, do not 'add on' extra length when measuring the greyhounds back, with the intention the coat will cover the rear end better.... it won't, as it will be too large.   

 c) As these coats are designed around the greyhounds physique and only the greyhound, all coats you see are deemed unsuitable for Lurchers.


How to take a coat measurement:

Instructions for start point  (A)  : Place soft tape squarely at the centre mark of the base of neck, approximately where the blade meets the neck. Double check this start postion by imagining you are drawing a line down to the ground at right angles from this point, the imaginary line should run down the middle of the front shoulders.

Instructions for measurement line from A to B : From the start postion, point A,  measure along the spine to the very beggining of the root of the tail. This is measurement line point B. Whatever that measurement is in inches, that is the coat size you need to order. For example, if the back measurement of the dog measures 26 inches from point A to point B, then the size coat you need to order is a  size 26" coat.


How to Measure