Winter snood coat

Winter snood coat
Winter snood coat Winter snood coat Winter snood coat Winter snood coat Winter snood coat Winter snood coat

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The snooded winter jacket is a medium weight coat, which has been generously cut at the front, back and sides to provide the greyhound with optimum protection from wintery weather. Defence against bad weather for this handmade cover, has been further enhanced by a snug fitting neck collar, which helps maintain warmth to this heat-loss zone.

 The overall design of the snooded Winter cover has been based on our 'Three layered winter protection system' ; the outer shell is built on a strong but pliable anti-rip codura, which is waterproof, highly breathable and wind resistant. The mid layer has been filled with 200 gsm of holofil fibre (a very heat efficient material) which  provides a high level of insulation and heat retention during cold temperatures. The final layer, the internal lining, has been fitted with a super soft, flat micro-fleece, that provides good comfort against the short hair of the greyhound. Further protection from water penetration is also provided by having all seams fully taped on this garment.    

The Winter snood is an impressive high-quality coat that more than meets the demands of a European winter for warmth, comfort and weather protection.  

Three racing colour coat options are available  :

1. Orange top / black bottom      2. Cherry red / black bottom    3. Grey top / black bottom   


Total price (inc tax)  £30.50



Made For
Made For Protection from the elements during the Winter months.
Features Hi-neck protection ~ breathable codura weave ~ waterproof with seam tape along spine ~ low maintenance ~ wind resistant ~ hanging hook ~ washable
Fabric and Tec
Fabric And Tec 600 denier codura outer, 200 gsm insulation infill with flat micro-fleece liner

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